Kayak Tours

  1. What do I wear kayaking?
    Anything you don’t mind getting wet. Bathing suits and/or athletic apparel is recommended. We offer wetsuit rentals at an additional cost.
  2. Is there somewhere to store our personal items while on the tour?
    We have lockers at our shop to store your belongings.
  3. Is there an age restriction?
    6+ for tandem kayaks (with Adult), 15+ for a single kayak.
  4. How long does the tour last?
    2 hours — your tour will start at the shop where you’ll check-in with our front desk staff, and get fitted with your helmet and a personal floatation device. You will then be introduced to your tour guide and group, walk to La Jolla Shores together, and go through a 15-minute paddle instruction. Your total time in the water is approximately 1.5 hours.
  5. Is the tour family-friendly?
    Our tours are family-friendly and designed for kayakers of all skill levels.
  6. Do we actually kayak inside the caves?
    Entrance into the sea cave is dependent on weather and ocean conditions.
  7. How many caves are there?
    There are seven sea caves – White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprize, Arch Cave, Sunny Jim Cave, and Clams’ Cave.
  8. Will I be in a single or double kayak?
    You are able to book a single or double kayak.
  9. Do I have to know how to swim in order to go on the kayak tour?
    No, your floatation device will keep you afloat. However, we do recommend being comfortable in the water as kayaks tend to flip.
  10. Will I get wet?
    Yes. We recommend wearing clothing that you’re comfortable getting wet in.
  11. What can I bring on the tour?
    We recommend leaving all valuables and electronics onshore. We have waterproof phone cases available for purchase at the shop.
  12. Is there a weight limit for kayaking?
    250 lbs max. for single kayaks and 450 lbs max. for tandem kayaks.
  13. Can I expect to see sea life while on the tour?
    You have the possibility of seeing California Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, Garibaldi fish, Brandt’s Cormorant, Brown Pelican, Leopard Shark, dolphin, and many, many more!
  14. Is it possible to go whale watching on kayaks?
    Our whale watching kayak tour is available December through late February, weather permitting.
  15. Will there be a way to take pictures on the tour?
    We have waterproof phone cases for purchase at the shop.

Snorkeling Tours

  1. Can I snorkel in La Jolla? If so, how is it?
    Yes, La Jolla is one of Southern California’s favorite places to snorkel. We offer two snorkel tours:

    • La Jolla Cove Snorkel Tour: you can expect to see underwater rock formations, lush marine gardens, California State Marine Fish – Garibaldi, sea cucumbers, anemones, sea stars, and much more!
    • La Jolla Shores Snorkel Tour: you can expect to see Leopard Sharks (harmless to humans), Garibaldi, and various reef fish!
  2. Do you offer snorkel gear rentals?
    Yes, we offer snorkel gear rentals. Your rental includes a mask, snorkel, and fins. Book now or call (858) 551-9510 to reserve.
  3. Do I have to go on a kayak tour in order to snorkel?
    No, we offer snorkel tours and snorkel gear rentals.
  4. Do I have to know how to swim?
    We recommend having a basic understanding of how to swim because you will feel more comfortable during the tour, therefore, enhancing your experience.
  5. Is there an age restriction?
    Snorkelers must be 6+ years of age.
  6. Can I bring my own snorkeling gear?
    You’re welcome to bring your own snorkeling gear on our tours, but doing so won’t lower the cost of the tour.

Bike Tours

  1. How long does the bike tour last?
    From start to finish, the bike tour lasts two hours.
  2. Is there an age restriction?
    You must be 16 years of age to join the bike tour.
  3. Is it hard?
    The tour is mostly downhill and suitable for riders of all skill levels.
  4. What will I see on the bike tour?
    On the bike tour, you’ll see Windansea Beach, Bird Rock, the Children’s Pool, and La Jolla Cove.
  5. Where does the bike tour start and end?
    The La Jolla Plunge Bike Tour begins under the Mt. Soledad cross and ends at La Jolla Shores. We will transport the bikes and have a shuttle ready for you!

Shop, Rental, Location Information

  1. Where is the shop located?
    Our shop is located in the heart of La Jolla Shores on Avenida De La Playa.
  2. What is your address?
    2222 Avenida De La Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037
  3. Where can I park?
    Parking in the area is primarily residential, with spots filling up on a first come first serve basis. There is a public beach lot three blocks north. Prepare at least 20 minutes to look for parking or use a rideshare company.
  4. How early should I arrive for a tour?
    We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes early, but parking in this area can be difficult so plan to allocate more time if you’re driving.
  5. What times do you offer tours?
    Our tours run every day from 9 am till sunset however times may vary during the Fall and Winter seasons. Check specific tour times here.
  6. What is the water temperature?
    In the summer, temperatures range from 66 to 72 degrees, and in the winter, temperatures range from 55 to 62 degrees.
  7. How soon do I need to make a reservation?
    In the busy summer months, we recommend booking a week in advance. You can book online or by calling our shop at (858) 551-9510.
  8. Do I have to make a reservation for a tour?
    We accept walk-ins but we recommend making a reservation in advance.
  9. Can I rent gear without going on a tour?
    Yes, we offer kayak, snorkel, stand-up paddleboard, boogie board, and surfboard rentals. Reserve your rental.
  10. Is paddleboarding hard?
    Paddleboarding is an easy and relaxing activity. The only trouble you might have is getting past the beach break.
  11. Is boogie boarding hard?
    Boogie boarding can be as easy or difficult as you want. We recommend that new boogie boarders catch waves in the whitewash to avoid injury. Boogie boards should not be used as a replacement for a personal flotation device.