Torrey Pines Hike Tour

Route: There are several trails at Torrey Pines.  Our hiking tour consists of 2-4 of those trails based on the speed of the group and the amount of time allotted for the tour. 

We meet in the lower parking lot and walk down the beach to the base of the Beach Trail.  We then head up the trail taking in all the vistas and we stop to talk about the local flowers and fauna and animals.  We then head down another trail – either the Parry Grove Trail, Guy Fleming Trail or Razor Pointe Trail.  If the tide is high and we can not walk along the beach, we head up the main road to the trail heads. 

The hike is at a very leisurely pace and is not a strenuous.

Customers are advised to wear closed toe shoes, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. 

The potential risks are: minor cuts or scrapes from plants/shrubs, sprained or twisted ankle, heat exhaustion, sunburn, dehydration and rattle snake bites. 
**None of these risks are probable except for customers that don’t use sunscreen may get a sun burn. However, we make them aware of this risk before we begin the tour. 

We maintain a 1 guide to 10 guests (or less) ratio for our hiking tours. 

We provide water for our guests.  Please note that this tour needs to reserved approximately 3 weeks ahead of time to obtain required permitting for the group.

For more information about scheduling your group tours or team building activities, please call our store at (858) 551-9510 or e-mail our Event Coordinator directly, Sharon Luscomb, at


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