La Costa Bike Tour

This beautiful tour begins in La Costa. We head out on El Camino Real’s bike lane, which borders Batiquitos Lagoon. With beautiful views of the lagoon and the ocean in the back ground, the tour then connects to an off road bike trail in a riparian area (the La Costa Glen Trail) and pauses at the base of the most challenging hill.

Bikers are rewarded at the top of the hill with a break at a picturesque cliff-side park over looking the Pacific Ocean. The park has a trail to the beach should anyone want to hop off their bike and take a walk in the sand. We then roll north along the coast through small beach neighborhoods, eventually merging onto the famous Highway 101 (Pacific Coast Highway). Here the guests will travel in a wide bike lane with the ocean on the left and the lagoon with sweeping views of the San Marcos and Merriam Mountains on the right.

We then head east and connect to the Batiquitos Lagoon Trail, where guest walk their bikes along the trail viewing the reserve that is home to Great Blue Heron, Snowy Egrets and many other birds.

We maintain a 1 guide to 10 guests (or less) ratio for our hiking tours.  We provide water for our guests.

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