Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.-  Will I get wet on the kayak adventure?
A.- Yes you will 100% get wet on the kayak adventure.

Q.- Do you provide wesuits?
A.- Yes we can provide wetsuits for a nominal fee.

Q.- Is the kayak adventure strenuous?
A.- The kayak adventure is pure fun and you go at your own pace. The ocean currents help move you and the kayak along in the water.

Q.- Is it better to do a guided kayak tour or just rent the kayak?
A.- The guided tours will allow you to enter the La Jolla Caves (conditions permitting). Renters are not allowed in the caves. The guided tours also allow the guest an oppotunity to get familiar with the underwater marine life, some of the special spots to view alomg the tour and information you can't get when going out on the ocean alone.

Q.- Can you provide transporation to the shop and the boat launch?
A.- If notified in advance we can provide transporation to our shop as parking especially during the busy summer months is hard to find, and many parking zones only allow you to park for 90 minutes.

Q.- Do you have changing rooms and storage lockers/facilities?
A.- Yes we can provideo changing rooms for our guests and lockers to store valuables while you enjoy your adventure.

Q.- Do you provide the bikes for the bike tour?
A.- Yes we provide the bikes and transportation to the location of your bike tour.

Q.- Do you provide snorkeling equipment?
A.- If you are doing a snorkeling tour or just want to rent snorkeling equipment we provide that at our shop for you. Both the mask and snorkel.

Q.- When is teh best time to arrive for our tour?
A.- Ideally you want to arrive 30 minites prior to the launch of your tour. That gives you plenty of time to get situated, changed and valuables stored.

Q.- Do the guides provide instructions on how to kayak?
A.- Our guides provide paddling instructions on teh beach prior to you entering the water. Our guides also assist with you paddling out through the surf and help guide you in on your way back from your adventure.

Q.- Do the leopard sharks bite and are they dangerous?
A.- No leopard sharks will not bite you and are not at all dangerous. To watch them glide through the water is a thing of beauty.

Q.- Are we allowed to feed the marine life?
A.- No.