Kayak La Jolla: The Ultimate San Diego Kayak Experience

Kayaking in La Jolla is unlike kayaking anywhere else in the world. Enjoy the unmatched beauty of the area as you explore the La Jolla Ecological Reserve and Sea Caves alongside a vast array of wildlife. Hike Bike Kayak offers small group tours lead by naturalist/biologist guides to help you experience this majestic part of the ocean.


La Jolla Sea Caves and Ecological Reserve

La Jolla Kayak Rental San Diego

With no experience needed, you can kayak to the La Jolla Sea Caves through the Ecological Reserve, which boasts an amazing array of scenery and wildlife you can't find anywhere else in San Diego. As you paddle alongside your expert naturalist/biologist guide, chances are good you will see sea lions, dolphins, harmless leopard sharks, seals, and an abundance of fish and sea birds.


La Jolla Cove Kayak and Snorkel Tour

La Jolla Cove Kayak Snorkel

Biologist/naturalist guides lead you through the La Jolla Ecological Reserve in search of larger animals like sea lions, dolphin, and harbor seals as you kayak towards the La Jolla Sea Caves. You’ll have the incredible opportunity to swim along with harmless leopard sharks, bat rays, garibaldi fish, rock lobster, guitar fish, green sea turtles, sheephead fish, diving pelicans and cormorants, shellfish, sea stars, and even sea lions and harbor seals.





Whale Watching Kayak Tour

San Diego Whale Watching Kayak Tour

Experience one of nature's most magnificent creatures - the grey whale - as it completes the longest migration of any mammal in the world. . .and experience it from a kayak!  Our longest kayak tour is the ultimate adventure, and is sure to create once in a lifetime memories.





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